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What Should I Do to Become a Christian Teacher? 

John Oakes  

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Speaking from his more than thirty years' experience, John begins, "In my travels and in my efforts to mentor teachers around the world, I have made a number of observations, both positive and negative, of what makes for an academically and spiritually well-qualified teacher which I would like to share." First essential quality of a good teacher: Humility. Read more here


A Brief History of Christian-ity in China

Donald D. Downs

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'Brief,' in this title, refers to the history of China, and not necessarily to the length of a typical blog post -- which, in this excellent synopsis, Downs exceeds. Well worth your time for anyone interested in China or the history of Christianity.  Read more here

An Introduct-ion to the Old Testa-ment Text


Dave Pocta

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"This paper is a very brief introduction to the languages, textual traditions, early translations, and recent discoveries that laid the foundation for the blessing now known as the Old Testament." Read more here

The Sinner's Prayer

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