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Spring 2019 Teachers Service Team Report

by Dr. G. Steve Kinnard, Tammy Fleming

Fourteen members* of the International Church of Christ Teachers Service Team met in San Antonio on March 31 and April 1, 2019, for the second Teachers Service Team Meeting of 2019. The first took place in Orange County, California, in conjunction with the innovative Hackathon conference (www.icochackathon.org), organized by members of the Teachers Service Team, February 21 – 24, 2019. 

Starting our days together with worship and prayer.In San Antonio, Dave Pocta hosted us at Oblate School of Theology, where he is currently pursuing a PHD in Contemporary Christian Spirituality. Dave opened our time together with a devotional based on the story of the Samaritan woman from John 4. We sang some old hymns, written in the 1800s. It was a very inspiring morning together.  On the second morning of meetings, Ron Rolheiser (President of the Oblate School of Theology)  led an amazing devotional on some principles of pedagogy.  


Addressing questions related to women’s roles in churches today. Together we composed a letter which informs the fellowship of the fact that the Teachers Service Team is diligently working on a paper on the woman’s role in ministry. That letter was completed and was posted on the ICOC Teachers’ website, www.teachicoc.org on April 2, on Disciples Today, and on various social media platforms. We hope that disciples will continue to share and forward this letter as they see fit. 

Valdur Koha chairs the subcommittee of teachers and others who are actively working on this paper, researching the difficult passages relating to the public role of women in the bible. The group meets monthly online and is working together to produce a scholarly paper exegeting scriptures relevant to discussions about the women’s role in the church today. Steady progress is being made, despite the fact that none of the contributors are available to devote themselves on a full-time basis to the project. The target date for completion is 2020. 

     It was proposed that the Women’s Ministry Task Force (formerly known as the Women’s Service Team) could work under the supervision of the Teachers Service Team to create an online survey of our 32 regional families of churches, to learn what specific questions are being asked concerning the public role of women in our churches around the world. Steve Staten agreed to advise and help to design a survey which would ensure a properly representative sampling with appropriate questions. This proposal was given approval in the assembly of the Regional Family Chairs. The Women’s Ministry Task Force will proceed with this fact-finding effort. 

Strategizing to Host and Attend Various Conferences and Meetings.We agreed that the following events would be priorities for us in an annual calendar, understanding that Service Team members would pick and choose what they are able to attend. 

         (a) The ICOC Spring Meeting of our 32 Regional Church Family Chairs and Service Team members.  

         (b) The ICOC Autumn Leadership Meeting of the delegates from each Regional Family of Churches. We agreed that the Teachers Service Team would meet for two days this autumn immediately before the delegates meeting and would plan to bring younger and Next Generation teachers to that Service Team meeting. 

         (c)  A New Annual Teachers Meeting/Conference for those interested in the Teaching Ministry. We would hope that everyone on the Service Team could attend this event: two days of meetings as a Teachers Service Team, followed by a Teaching Ministry conference. Possibly August 13-17, 2019, in San Antonio. 

         (d) Hackathon – type conferences — We would like to see these begin to take place in our regional families of churches. Steve Staten and Shane Engle will be working on this idea. 

         (e) ICOC Scholars Conference. To be held a day or two before the Annual Meetings hosted by the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.  The Annual Meetings this year are scheduled for November 23- 26, 2019 in San Diego.



Strengthening our churches for the future.We as a group of teachers in the ICOC are deeply concerned with the question of how we, as a movement, plan to “feed” our people long term (Hebrews 5:12). We discussed the need for further development in theological education for our ministers, in order to grow both theologically and spiritually.  We want to ensure that in ten to twenty years’ time, we are doing an excellent job of educating our people. 

         We discussed the importance of Ministry Training Academies (MTAs), which exist in several regional families of churches. We see a need to raise the standards of our MTAs. We agree that in addition to continuing to improve the MTA programs, we want to continue to encourage our ministers and other members of our churches to complete graduate study programs.

         Most of our churches employ internships to educate young ministers. We want to do everything we can to develop academic as well as practical training for ministers in all our 32 regions of churches around the world. To that end, we created a subcommittee Task Force to consider Ministry Education, comprised of Gregg Marutzky (Chair), Jeremy Lefler, Robert Carrillo, Steve Kinnard, and Ed Anton. 

         We discussed several ways in which we could amplify the Teachers’ voice in our fellowship and improve the ways in which we currently contribute to the strengthening of our churches. We discussed live streaming of teachers’ lessons and events; videos; creating an online webinar and an online theological journal.

         Steve Staten presented a paper that speaks to ensuring that appropriate spiritual and other necessary qualifications for leadership positions are met in the ICOC. The group gave Steve feedback on this paper. He is making a few changes, then he will forward the paper to the teachers for a last review before publication and distribution. 

         We discussed ways in which we could develop Teachers Service Teams in each of the 32 regional families of churches around the world. We agreed that Steve Kinnard would compile information from the regional church families, namely, where we have recognized teachers and where we do not. 

         We believe it’s very important to accurately document our movement’s history over the past forty years. Many of us agreed to write a portion of our history, so that we can begin to collect eyewitness accounts. These could be presented at the various meetings and conferences listed above, and published online.                                         

In Summary.These are the “Big Bucket” Items that we believe deserve our consistent focus. Please pray for us to make consistent progress pleasing to God, as we work together to accomplish these goals: 

         a. Regional Teacher Service Teams.

         b. Credentialing a program for ministry education.

         c. Producing position papers. An online journal. Recording our history. 

         d. Work on our hermeneutic. 

         e. Provide congregational teaching.

         f. Provide resources for ministry training.


* Present on the 31st: Steve Kinnard, Steve Staten, James Becknell, Tammy Fleming, Andy Fleming, Kay McKean, Joey Harris, Diane Brown, Steve Brown, Dave Pocta


Present on the 1st: Steve Kinnard, Steve Staten, James Becknell, Kay McKean, Joey Harris, Diane Brown, Steve Brown, Dave Pocta, Ed Anton, Deb Anton, Robert C., Valdur Koha. 




Letter from the Teachers Service Team

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In the past the Teachers Service Team has written papers on biblical viewpoints addressing controversial topics that we are faced with in our contemporary society. At this time the Teachers Service Team is collaborating on a project discussing the role of women in the church. We know that many have pressing questions, for example, on the difficult Bible passages relating to the public role of women in the church. We are conducting in-depth biblical exegesis on the pertinent passages.


Some of the scriptures on this topic are difficult to interpret and the volume of scholarly literature on these passages is massive. We want to explore the topic carefully, so we are hopeful that the completion of this project will occur in 2020. 

We recognize that there are many discussions happening on this subject in various places. The best of today’s scholars have not been able to reach consensus, therefore we would caution any who believe they can determine a global and definitive practice on this culturally sensitive issue. 

We want to encourage healthy dialogue. While we don’t expect to have a definitive position on this delicate subject, we plan to identify biblically sound principles and provide culturally sensitive resources for you to continue to study and discuss this topic from an informed perspective. 

We are excited about the possibilities that this discussion will generate. We look for the Spirit’s guidance in this process. We ask for your prayers. 

In the meantime, the goal for all of us is to be considerate of each other as we express our opinions and convictions. As Paul notes, 

Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister… If your brother or sister is distressed because of what you eat [i.e., practice], you are no longer acting in love… Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. (Romans 14:13,15,19)

The Teachers Service Team

March 31, 2019

Year-End Good News from ICOC Teachers

L-R: Arturo Elizarraras presents newly appointed congregational teachers, Jose Carlos Alaniz, Oscar & Carolina Figueroa

L-R: Arturo Elizarraras presents newly appointed congregational teachers, Jose Carlos Alaniz, Oscar & Carolina Figueroa

MEXICO CITY: the Latin American School of Missions was initiated in February of 2018 with 10 young interns being paid and trained full-time.

On April 29, 2018 an historical congregational event was held. Over 7,500 were in attendance to witness the appointment of the first elders ever in the Mexico City Church, as well as the recognition of three new teachers for the congregation — the first since the appointment of Arturo Elizarraras in 2003: Jose Carlos Alaniz, and a married couple, Oscar and Carolina Figueroa, were all three appointed congregational teachers (photo at right), Maestros de la Biblia! What a glorious day of celebration of the power of God and the power of becoming one!

Arturo Elizarraras introduces the ten new students in the Latin American School of Missions

Arturo Elizarraras introduces the ten new students in the Latin American School of Missions


LAGOS, NIGERIA — On Sunday, August 19, 2018, the first brothers appointed to the role of Teacher on the continent of Africa by our movement of churches were recognized in the church in Lagos. These three men are Fred George, Emmanuel Emeh, and Gilbert Kimeng.


For the last several years, New Jersey-based Teacher Steve Kinnard has been an active part of their training and mentoring. “It’s been a thrill to work with them,” says Kinnard. “I want to personally thank Dr. Douglas Jacoby for his work in West Africa. Douglas initiated the first Ministry Training Program which helped equip Fred, Emmanuel, and Gilbert to rise up and become teachers. Also, thanks to Joey Harris and other teachers who taught in the training program. I also want to thank the Rocky Mountain School Of Ministry and Theology for their work in training ministry leaders in our churches. All three of these teachers have taken courses at the RMSMT, and two of them are pursing degrees there. The RMSMT specializes in helping students in developing countries work toward advanced degrees in theology. Also, a big thanks to the Beam Fund for sponsoring a program that allowed me to focus on training and mentoring potential teachers in West Africa, French West Africa, and East Africa. The appointment/recognition of Fred, Emmanuel, and Gilbert is the direct result of their investment in the teaching ministry. Thanks to the Board of Directors of the Beam Fund for your partnership in this endeavor. Thanks too, to Chris and Rolayo Ogbonnaya and to the elders in Lagos for your warm invitation to me to help train and mentor teachers in West Africa. Your partnership has meant much to me over the years. My time spent in Africa training teachers has been one of the most satisfying tasks of my life. I appreciate your allowing me to use my gifts to help the disciples in Africa.” 

Prayer over newly-appointed teachers, Lagos, August 19, 2018

Prayer over newly-appointed teachers, Lagos, August 19, 2018


TORONTO, CANADA — We are experiencing exciting times in the congregation in Toronto, Canada, as God continues to raise up men and women to serve his church. On November 11, the whole church gathered together to witness the appointment of Kevin Robbins and Darrel Shaw as elders. They are recognized as shepherds, men of faith and maturity who have been called by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the role of overseers. They join Ed Bahula in this noble task.

Also, at this historic service, Dr. Scott Warlow was appointed a teacher. Scott is known for his deep love of the scriptures and desire to use his gifts to serve the church. We request your prayers as we build by faith and the help of the Holy Spirit, a teaching ministry that will provide opportunities for deep Bible teaching, practical application and enriched faith for the maturing of the saints and ultimately, for the glory of God!

Read the full article by Ed Bahula on Disciples Today

Dr. Scott Warlow, appointed congregational Teacher in Toronto on November 11, 2018

Dr. Scott Warlow, appointed congregational Teacher in Toronto on November 11, 2018


Watch this space for more year end updates from the Teachers Service Team

2016 Teachers Service Team Meeting Reports

March 2016 Meeting

The first service team meeting of 2016 was in March. The primary discussion for this meeting was the women’s role. The teachers are studying the biblical role of women and how we can better utilize the gifts of women in our churches. The Women’s Service Team asked us to consider this topic.

March 22, 2016

First day discussion: How can we best utilize the gifts of women in our ministries?

The following are various thoughts that were expressed by various sisters and brothers during this discussion:

•   The prophet Joel says the Spirit will be poured out on sons and daughters. We need to bring Jesus to the forefront and see how Jesus was with women. It’s not about women empowerment; it’s about how we can further the cause of Jesus.

•   This topic is a crucial topic that deserves our attention.

•   There’s not an active elevation of the women’s role happening in our churches. We’ve articulated the path to become a Bible talk leader, evangelist, elder, but not a woman who wants to pursue a role in the church. Girls grow up in the church, and they see the role of men elevated. What about our women? The hope is to learn together and have a wider discussion, not in pockets so we’re not repeating each other.

•   It would help if we came up with a consistent hermeneutic before we move to pastoral concerns.

•   Our biggest challenge is gender as it relates to the church or being a millennial in the church. If we ask our kids what they think about this topic, they will speak their mind.

•   We need to discover a biblical, Christ-centered path for women to use their gifts in the church. We’ve inherited a viewpoint and taught it all over the world.

•   The majority of the members of our churches are female. Often discussions about women’s role are about what they cannot do. We need to change the conversation.

•   We need to ask a respectful, humble question: What did God intend? We’re brothers and sisters in Christ first and foremost. The call to lead and the call to follow are equally challenging.


Hot issues on the topic:

•   Women speaking in the church

•   Women teaching in the assembly

•   Multi-cultural sensitivity

•   Discipling – women discipling brothers  

•   Offices in the church; church polity

•   Role of the women’s ministry leader

•   Positions in the world; secular authority

•   Women leading in worship

•   Disintegration of family impacting women in the church

•   Mutual respect between women and men

•   OT heroines who had offices and authority

•   Abigail who discipled a king

•   Cross-cultural assessment of our church culture

•   Generational concerns

•   Social trends and women’s role

•   Cultural values and women’s role

•   How we often reflect what’s going on in society in the church

•   Church in the Bible is often counter-cultural. How does this play in the counter-cultural trends in the Bible regarding treatment of women? 

The various passages that need to be studied:

•   Luke 8

•   1 Corinthians 11

•   Priscilla & Aquila

•   Acts 21:9, Philip’s 4 daughters

•   Acts 16, Lydia

•   Samaritan woman, John 4

•   Mary Magdalene

•   Marys of the resurrection

•   Mary of Bethany, Luke 10

•   Poor widow and her two mites

•   Anna prophetess

•   Mary the mother of God

•   Matt 12:49, disciples including women

•   Romans 16, 40% of Paul’s greetings in a male-dominated society are to women

•   1 Corinthians 9

•   Rhoda

•   Euodia & Syntyche

•   1 Thessalonians 2

•   Proverbs 8

•   Revelation 12

•   Covenant of circumcision was for men only, but baptism was for men and women.

What are the big questions in the ICOC fellowship that we need to answer?

•   Can a woman be an elder?

•   Can a woman be an evangelist?

•   Can a woman speak in church in a mixed company in a mixed audience?

•   Can a woman pray in the assembly?

Assignment of passages to be studies to various people:

•   1 Cor 11 – Andy Fleming

•   1 Tim 2  – Kay McKean, Gordon Ferguson, Courtney Bailey

•   1 Cor 14 – Courtney Bailey, SteveKinnard

•   Titus 2 – Suzette Lewis

•   Write two-page papers on these scriptures

Wednesday March 23, 2016


•   At the Southwest Ministry retreat the leaders decided to begin a MTA program for the Southwest family of churches.

•   Gabe Santos who was the Dean of Sociology at Lynchburg College is leaving to be on the full time staff in Richmond, VA.


•   Teachers’ Blog on Disciples Today

◦                   Roger Lamb has invited us to set up a teachers’ blog on Disciples Today. This would be a centralized teachers’ blog that all teachers can contribute to.

◦                   Director/Editor: Tammy Fleming

◦                   Vetting – Joey Harris, Steve Kinnard, Andy Fleming

◦                   Everyone on the teachers team should send 2-3 articles.

•   Teacher Development:

◦                   We need a catalogue of teachers. This catalogue would be a roster of teachers’ locations and their specialty. We should track people who want to be recognized as teachers.

◦                   Andy Fleming volunteered to help with this.

◦                   Everyone should send Andy the names, locations, and the speciality of teachers in your church family.

◦                   Let’s find out where we have Schools of Ministry/Missions, MTAs, who’s the director, and what work is being done in those MTAs.

◦                   Teachers need to be recognized by their local ministry.  This was discussed in teachers’ paper. Congregations recognize teachers in different ways and that’s fine. We want the local ministry to recognize the person.

•   Teachers Working with Local Ministries:

◦                   How can we as teachers help with local churches to accomplishing their mission? What are ways we are trying to influence people. How can we help people grow and mature?

◦                   How can we help grow leaders and mature members?

▪                                     Dave Pocta answered, we can begin with our children. How do we build faith in our teens? We use character studies, but is that best? The problem with some of our kids is that they grow up in the church, and they already have an inbred performance theology. When we do character studies, they have this idea that I have to become perfect or good enough before I am allowed to do the real studies. This creates a huge gap. Unfortunately, in our local ministries our youngest, least experienced interns are often feeding content to our teens. We need to write new material that is more God-oriented.

▪                                     Ed Anton mentioned, in our local ministries we need to develop a hermeneutic of grace to make sure we don’t create these performance hurdles.We need to create church growth resources. The ACR has the Body Builders, Meat Eaters, and Cross Bearers classes on their Commonwealth Academy. We should collect personal ministry victories of teachers and post on the blog, Teachicoc.org website. Share on the blog something that is going on in your church where teachers are being used to grow the church. 

Back Row, L-R: Valdur Koha, Joey Harris, Courtney Bailey, Rolan Monje, Steve Staten, Steve Brown, Douglas Jacoby, Andy Fleming, Glen Giles, Ed Anton (chair), Dave Pocta, Steve Kinnard; Front Row, L-R: Kay McKean, Suzette Lewis, Tammy Fleming, Debra Anton. 

Back Row, L-R: Valdur Koha, Joey Harris, Courtney Bailey, Rolan Monje, Steve Staten, Steve Brown, Douglas Jacoby, Andy Fleming, Glen Giles, Ed Anton (chair), Dave Pocta, Steve Kinnard; Front Row, L-R: Kay McKean, Suzette Lewis, Tammy Fleming, Debra Anton. 

July 2016 Meeting in St. Louis

We invited several young prospective teachers to be a part of the meeting in St. Louis. The Teachers Service Team wanted to get the perspective of Millennials.

•   Daniel Burke – Charleston, SC

•   TJ Parisi – New York

•   Bobby Ritter – St. Louis

•   Matt Fisk – Virginia Beach

•   Katie Fisk – Virginia Beach

•   Talia Laing – Raleigh, NC

The Teachers Service Team, an explanation

We want to train more teachers. We want to be a service team that not only looks at difficult passages but also meets needs in the ministry. We want to teach our teachers how to develop more teachers. We want to build relationships globally with the teaching ministry and share resources with one another. We want to establish Ministry Training Academies in every region of our movement. We want to help those who have the gift of teaching to use it in a great way for God

James 3:1 reads, “Not many of you should be teachers, my brothers and sisters, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” We recognize that the teaching ministry is not for everyone. Teaching is a gift. Jesus was a rabbi, Paul spoke of himself as a teacher. The teaching role is a great role in the church, but it’s not not for everyone. There is a stricter, greater judgment. Criticism comes your way. James gives a stern warning to be careful when you teach. Speech has the ability to bless and the potential to encourage and build up. There is also the potential for false teaching.

In our context today with social media, what you say is out there forever and judgment goes on and on.

Teachers have influence in our churches. Our own Douglas J probably has traveled to more churches in our movement of churches than anyone else. And he has traveled as a teacher. Teaching opens door for us to share with people. There is a respect that is given to teachers, therefore, we have a great responsibility.

We want to create an atmosphere of admiration for one another in the teaching ministry and encourage one another to use our gifts to the utmost for God. There is no competition within this service team. We want the best for each other.

We encourage you to think about what you can do as a teacher. What you can teach? Then, get about doing that. Write a blog, teach a small group, develop a course for the church.

Some good news

•   Dave Pocta – the MTAs in Africa are on a six-year cycle. They conduct two programs per year, and are just coming into their first graduates. They are working on a college credit accreditation program in South Africa. Many of the church leaders have to have some kind of formal training in Africa, so these courses help to meet that requirement.

•   Ed  Anton – we’ve put our 70th person into the full time ministry out of Commonwealth Academy. Many of them are middle-aged secular folks who decided to re-evaluate their lives and serve in a full time way.

•   Joey Harris – The North River church started the Atlanta School of Ministry in conjunction with AIM. Many young leaders in their 20s are attending. Columbia South Carolina started a Columbia School of Ministry. They’ve had 3 sessions for their staff. They are inviting teachers from other parts of the Southeast to attend.

•   Steve K – in NY we have a ministry training program for college students. It’s a three-year program. The students do two courses at the Hope camp with students from the ACR. Teachers are Ed Anton, Dr. Deb Anton, Dr. Steve Kinnard, Dr. Gabe Santos ,Brett Miller, and others. If a student joins the program at beginning of their sophomore year, they can graduate the MTA the same time as they graduate college.

•   Joey Harris reported for Courtney Bailey — the Damien Jean Baptiste Caribbean School of Ministry is now in the second year of classes. They have two campuses, the Eastern and the Western Caribbean. The entire ministry staff, plus many members, elders, and deacons are involved. The classes are held in Trinidad and Jamaica. Courtney is a full time lawyer with young children, and he helps out with church. Then, he directs the school of ministry, and if that’s not enough, he’s a PhD student in biblical studies.

Discussion on Women Using their Gifts for God

We want to continue to explore the most effective ways women can use their gifts in the church. Also, how can we as a TST help to facilitate women using their gifts? We want to promote Biblical literacy for women and help women continue to increase their love for the Bible. We know that women need to have their voices heard. We all agree that men and women are equal in God’s sight. However their roles are not interchangeable. The boundaries set by God are intended to enhance us.

The goal is to decide what we agree upon and what we will practice across all our churches.

Monday, July 4 2017 – Day 2 Teachers Service Team

We discussed possible topics to be studied in the future:

•   Teachers Directory which focuses on people who are teachers, up and coming teachers, programs in existence, and developing online resources for people to use.

•   How to reach the younger generation.

•   The tithe, offering, and stewardship. Ed and Andy are interested in this.

•   Our church as a movement. An Evaluation. Steve Staten – renaissance thinking and things we need to look at within our movement of churches, different topics that need to be addressed.

•   Imputed or imparted righteousness – Ed is interested in this.

•   How to reach people who are miles away from any church.

•   How to discuss political matters spiritually.

•   Homosexuality. Expanding Guy Hammond’s work for campuses and teens.


•   Marriage Divorce Remarriage Paper (MDR) presented by Valdur Koha

 We’ve been looking at the following categories in this paper:

1     What does the Bible teach/not teach, and where are we not sure of what the Bible is teaching? We should be unified as much as possible on this and have a shared hermeneutic.

2     Counseling: what advice do we give? In specific situations, there is room for differences. It is impossible to say that everybody gets the same counseling. The paper ought to help guide the counseling sessions.

3     Where do we exert church discipline? Ideally we are united on this.

4    Church discipline should hold from church to church.

•   Church Discipline paper presented by Steve Staten

◦                   Since 2003 there have been some prominent church discipline malfunctions throughout our churches. There are some recurring dynamics. Most of the problems have occurred because of carelessness. We need to realize that one bad misfire can effect a whole colony of churches and now the whole world. We are creating templates of how to handle these situations. Many people who mishandled things have commented, “I wish I had had these templates before.”

◦                   The idea of “tell it to the church” should be based on proximity and influence, namely, the person’s sphere of influence. We don’t want to bring members’ sins before our visitors. And, we don’t need to discipline our former members. If they have left our fellowship, they are no longer members. We are working on a road map for helping people to come back from being disfellowshipped.

•   Three other important notes:

◦           Gordon Ferguson resigned from being an active member of the service team. He will be a team member emeritus.

◦            Steve Kinnard stepped down from chairing the group. His term was up.

◦            Ed Anton will be the new chair.

•   Personal note from Dr. Kinnard:

I want to express my respect for all of you who serve and have served on the Teachers Service Team. It’s been a joy to chair this team for the past several years. You guys are easy to work with. We laugh, have fun, and get work done.

Some of you pay your own way to get to our meetings. You take time away from your secular jobs to be on the team. All of you volunteer your time to work on the team. You use your gifts of scholarship and teaching to benefit our churches. You spend time writing and rewriting papers, and your name doesn’t appear on the final copy. Your sacrifice often goes unnoticed by our larger fellowship, but I’ve noticed and greatly appreciate the work you are doing. More importantly, God has noticed.

I believe we’ve done good work in the years that I’ve been with you. And, I believe that we will continue to do good in the years to come.

Much love,


Teachers Service Team Subcommittees

•   Teacher Development. Valdur Koha, chair

◦                   Steve Kinnard, Joey Harris, Rolan Monje

•   Congregational Teaching. Ed Anton, chair

◦                   Fred Faller, Douglas Jacoby, Joey Harris

•   Technology. Arturo Elizarraras, chair

◦                   Joey Harris

•   Accreditation/RMSMT: Glenn Giles, chair

◦                   Steve Kinnard

•   Disputable Matters and Hermeneutics: Steve Staten, chair

◦                   Douglas Jacoby, Joey Harris, Kay McKean, Steve Kinnard

•   Women’s Teaching Ministry. Kay McKean, Deb Anton, co-chair

◦                   Suzette Lewis

•   International Teachers Seminar: Douglas Jacoby, chair

◦                   Steve Kinnard

•   Divorce and Remarriage, a re-examination. Valdur Koha, chair

◦                   Steve Kinnard, Suzette Lewis, Courtney Bailey, Joey Harris

•   Church Discipline: Steve Staten, chair

◦                   Deb Anton, Glenn Giles

•   Women’s Role

◦                   Deb Anton, Suzette Lewis, Kay McKean, Steve Kinnard, Courtney Bailey, Joey Harris

•   Teacher’s Corner

◦                   Tammy Fleming

Members of the Teachers Service Team:

Ed Anton, chair, Virginia Beach

Dr. Deb Anton, Virginia Beach

Kay McKean, Northern Virginia

Steve Brown, Buenos Aries

Steve Staten, Chicago

Dr. Douglas Jacoby, Atlanta

Joey Harris, Augusta

Andy Fleming, Kiev 

Tammy Fleming, Kiev 

Dr. Glenn Giles, Denver

Fred Faller, Boston

Valdur Koha, Boston

Courtney Bailey, Kingston

Arturo Elizarraras, Mexico City

Suzette Lewis, Toronto

Dr. Rolan Monje, Manila

Dave Pocta, San Antonio

Dr. Steve Kinnard, New York